Completed Quests in Curse of Strahd

Completed Quests

All of these quests have been completed, are no longer available, or the group decided not to do.

Yester Hill

Yester Hill
Yester Hill
  • Prevent the Ritual
    • Find a way up the hill
    • Prevent the Ritual from happening or destroy whatever the ritual produces
    • Retrieve the Green Gem

Wizard of Wines


Blue Water Inn

The Blue Water Inn
The Blue Water Inn
  • The Missing Vistani Girl
    • Find clues where Arabelle might be
    • Question children at orphanage about Arabelle
    • Go to Bluto’s home to look for clues
    • Rescue Arabelle from Drowning after Bluto throws her in his boat.

St. Andral’s Church

St. Andral's Church
St. Andral’s Church
  • Recover the Bones of St. Andral
    • Question anyone who might have a connection or who seems involved with the missing bones.
    • Discover who is involved with the missing bones.
    • Recover the bones
    • Reconsecrate the church by laying the bones back into their spot under the church.

St. Andral’s Orphanage

  • Mysterious Deaths and Dreams at the Orphanage
    • Discover why the children are having nightmares


  • Remove Izek Strazni
  • Support Fiona to be the new Burgomaster of Vallaki

The Windmill

The Windmill
The Windmill
  • The Deed to the Windmill
    • Discover where the Windmill is located
  • Pies, Glorious Pies
    • Question the old women who run the windmill
    • Discover their secret
    • Put an end to the Hags
  • Little Orphans Three
    • Save the orphans from the Windmill
    • Find a location where they can be safe in Vallaki
    • Take children to St. Andral’s Orphanage to be cared for by Headmistress Claudia Belasco

Tser Pool Encampmnent

  • A Nameday Gift for Arabelle

Village of Barovia

Burgomaster’s Mansion

  • Help Ismark and Ireena Bury their father.
  • Get Ireena to Safety
    • Escort and Protect Ireena to the town of Vallaki
    • Find somewhere where Ireena feels safe enough to stay

Church of Barovia

  • Help Father Donavich with his son Doru
    • Save Doru
    • Rid the plague that is Doru from Father Donavich

Bildrath’s Mercantile

  • Retrieve a bundle for Bildrath.

Blood of the Vine Tavern

  • Help the Vistani Sisters with a problem customer

Durst Manor

  • Help Rose and Thorn find their Parents
    • Discover what happened to Gustav Durst (their father)
    • Discover what happened to Elisabeth Durst (their mother)
  • Find a place for the dog Lancelot
    • Sacrifice the dog on the alter
    • Look for the owner / return home
  • Lay the Durst Family to Rest in their Tombs
    • Lay Rose’s bones to rest
      • Put Rose’s Diary in her Tomb
    • Lay Thorn’s bones to rest
      • Put Thorn’s Teddy Bear in his Tomb
    • Lay Gastov Durst’s Bones to rest
    • Lay Elisabeth Durst’s Bones to rest
    • Lay Margaret the Nursemaid’s bones to rest
  • End the Curse on Durst Manor
    • Free Baby Walter from Flesh Mound
    • Bury Baby Walter under the threshold of the house

Introduction Quests

  • Meet Stanimir and share a story or a tale.
  • Listen to Stanimir’s story of their cursed prince
  • Camp with the Vistani
  • Find out where Madam Eva is
  • Travel to the Tser Pool Encampment and talk with Madam Eva about dreams

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