House Rules

These are the current house rules for games that I run.

Take notes!

The names of NPC’s, towns, locations, etc. aren’t just being talked about as ambiance. You will need to remember why you are looking for a certain NPC or what exactly you need to do when you reach X location. Take notes on anything you think may be relevant. Even things discussed between characters can be fun to jot down. This can all be done inside of Foundry in the Journal section or you can do it old fashioned and write it on paper.

Strive to roleplay your character

This includes writing a backstory which will be used by the DM to incorporate into the sessions. If you can do voices, feel free to speak in a voice you think your character would have. Want to argue over who gets some treasure, do it in character. Want to talk battle tactics? Do it in character.

Roleplay and get rewarded!

At the end of the adventure, the group will take a vote on who they think roleplayed the best or had the best moments in the game. You can’t vote for yourself and the person who won the previous week is ineligible. You will be awarded with 1 point of inspiration to use at the next session. The inspiration has 1 use and must be used in the next session or the inspiration is lost.

Your default language is common

All language that is spoken by your character will be in common, unless you signal or state before you talk that you are talking in a different language. “Bunny ears with your fingers” could be used to signal you are talking in a different language.

Landing Killing Blows

When in combat, and either after you roll to hit the creature or after you roll for damage, if you hear the DM say, “How do you want to do it,” That means you are killing the creature off. Please describe how you land your killing blow. Be creative!

Advantage / Disadvantage on Initiative.

When we move to combat and you roll a natural 20, you will have advantage on your first action. If you roll a natural 1, you will suffer for disadvantage on your first action.

Rolling Ability Checks

If you want to do something that requires rolling an ability check, you will only get 1 shot at it. Another player may “help” you to see if you can do it (but only 1). This must be stated BEFORE you roll the dice. If a player helps it will give you advantage on the roll. This is being instituted to make you work as a team to see whose character would be better suited for different things. It also discourages everyone from saying, “Oh they failed, let me try” and having a bunch of rolls from everyone. Technically speaking, your character wouldn’t know if they “failed” the roll or not. For example, a rogue looking for a secret door in the room rolls for perception or investigation. The wizard may “help” the rogue look for the secret door while the others are busy in the room watching for an ambush. The rogue rolls a 13 and a 9 which gives the roll a 13 since it had advantage. The rogue “doesn’t find anything”. You don’t know how difficult the door is to find so that could mean anything. Some hidden doors may only require you to roll a 5, while some doors might require a 20 or more.

Special Limited House Rules

These rules apply only at the beginning of the adventure for levels 1-3. Once characters reach level 4, these rules no longer apply.

MAX Damage on Critical Hit

When rolling in combat to see if you hit the creature and you roll a natural 20 (die lands on 20), this will result in automatic MAX damage from your weapon or spell that you are attacking with. For example, If you are a barbarian, and make an attack with your greataxe (1d12) and roll a natural 20, then you will automatically deal 12 + your damage modifier. This will apply until the character reaches level 4 which will then revert back to the normal critical damage rule – Basically you will click “critical” damage instead of “normal” damage inside foundry.

Leveling up – Hit Points

To keep things simple, You maximize your hit points each level until you reach level 3. Once you hit 4th level you will roll your hit dice as normal.

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