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Main Quests (Story)

These are the main quests in the story of Curse of Strahd

Tarokka Reading:

  • Card 1 – The Illusionist (Item to grant you wisdom to help you understand your enemy)
    • What / Where is the town of false smiles?
    • Find the man who is not what he seems.
    • Find the carnival wagon and claim what is inside.
  • Card 2 – The Paladin (Find the holy symbol)
    • Discover what the house of the dragon is
    • Discover what is meant by “a heart, once pure, corrupted by hatred. Bring light to the house and peace to the heart.”
    • Obtain the holy symbol of great hope.
  • Card 3 – The Dictator (Find the sword of sunlight)
    • How did Strahd murder the land?
    • How do you restore the land?
    • Discover the location of an amber palace of darkness
    • Obtain the sword of sunlight
  • Card 4 – The Seer (Find an ally to fight with you)
    • Find the dusk elf living among the Vistani
    • Find the one who suffered a great loss and is haunted by dark dreams
    • Figure out how to help him.
    • Obtain his aid for the final battle
  • Card 5 – The Broken One (The location of your enemy)
    • Discover who is the only man Strahd has ever envied
    • Discover the location where this man’s tomb is located
    • Find Strahd there and defeat him.

Player Specific Quests

  • Avenger Card – Syrren
    • Discover who holds the keys to your past
    • Discover the origin of your infernal heritage
  • Bishop Card – Thaldir
    • Who is the fallen angel?
    • Find the damned one in his place of worship
    • Kill him
  • Donjon Card – Tilly
    • Who is the one from your past that you seek?
    • Where is the dead village, drowned by a river?
    • Who rules the place that brought great evil into the world?
    • Where is the den of cruelty and despair?
    • Find the one you seek
  • Hooded One – Jaylyn
    • Why do you have dreams of being lost in the woods, covered in blood?
    • Where is this great chasm?
    • Who’s the man with the broken mind, but strong with spells?
    • Track the man down
    • Find a way to free the man’s mind
  • Priest Card – Aydin
    • Discover who “he of the Many Lives” is
    • Find where the “tomb of Amber” in a place of ice and darkness is located.
    • Find a way to become immortal
  • Raven Card – Term
    • Where is the evil tree that grows atop a hill of graves?
    • Where do the ancient dead sleep?
    • Where do you find the ravens who will help you find it?
    • How do you get blood from a tree?
    • Find a way to use the blood to remove the vine under your skin.

Location Quests

These are quests that happen in each location that will either aid in your gathering information about the Tarokka cards, or will give you answers to other mysteries. Some will influence the locations you are in (good or bad), while some will help NPCs with problems

Wizard of Wines

Wizard of Wines
  • Clean out the Winery of Blights
    • Find a way into the winery
    • Clear out the blights
    • Retrieve the Gem for Davian
  • Help the Martikov’s Deliver the Wine
    • Deliver Wine to the Vistani outside Vallaki
    • Deliver Wine to the Blue Water Inn (BWI)
    • Deliver Wine to the town of Krezk


Blue Water Inn

Blue Water Inn
  • Make Way for Wine!
    • Travel to the Wizard of Wines and discover why the wine shipments have stopped.
    • Deliver wine to BWI.


  • The Missing Caravan
    • Confirm the caravan’s destruction or if it is salvageable.
    • Determine the fate of Zhenya Romanov, if she is alive, rescue her and bring her back to Vasilli
    • Retrieve Vasili’s ledger from the rusted lockbox and return it to him.

Village of Barovia

Village of Barovia
Village of Barovia
  • Find Mad Mary’s Daughter Gertruda
    • Locate clues to see where she might be
    • Find and rescue Gertruda
    • Take her home

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