Session 19 Meeting the Baron and Family

Interview with a Baron

Burgomaster’s Manor

With a renewed sense of purpose, the travelers set off for the Baron’s home. They are shocked to find it in a state of disrepair. They are granted entry by his maid. She tells them that the pitiful collection of sticks on the ground is to create an effigy of the sun for the festival.


As they step over the twig bundles, they look up to see figure of a woman, who identifies herself as Lydia, the Baron’s wife. She greets the guests and invites them into a large dining room. She leaves to finish instructing the servants, and, soon, the Baron enters, greeting them excitedly.

Vargas Vallakovich

As the group tries to garner some notion of just what kind of man he is, the Baron talks animatedly about the town and the importance of maintaining happiness and light. Each time they try to gauge his knowledge of the recent incidents, he brushes them off with “That was not the Devil and all is well. All is well.”

Family Feuds

Among the topics the heroes discuss with the Baron is Lady Watcher. He warns them that she cannot be trusted and to tread with caution any time she is around. He also speaks of her disdain for him. “She tries to undermine everything I’m doing to keep this town happy. I just don’t understand.”

As they discuss their options for a safehaven for Ireena, the Baron takes note of her and offers his condolences on the death of her father. He shifts quickly to the tale of his son Victor Vargas and Lady Watcher’s daughter Stella – how their betrothal was broken by Victor, though the Baron does not know the reason. He does, however, point to Ireena as a potential match. Ireena quickly objects saying, “I have my own mind and can make my own decisions.”

The Baron asks this band of warriors to be his eyes and ears where Lady Watcher is concerned, noting her activities and ensuring that she does not derail plans for the Sun Festival. Tilly inquires after the whereabouts of Victor and is told that he is probably upstairs. Victor has a love of old, arcane texts, according to his father. This intrigues the group, and they ask permission to explore the mansion.

Welcome to the Creep Show

Jar of Eyeballs

When the Baron leaves them, they take the long staircase to a hallway with several doors. They stop at a room with the door slightly ajar, which happens to be Izek’s room.

They step into the room to find him working busily in a see of dolls – each of them in various states of undress and every one a carbon copy of Syrren. Trying to remain calm, Thaldir comments on the dedication such a display implies, while Syrren probes his brother to learn more about their lives as children.

Izek tells the horrifying tale of watching his parents being mauled by a dire wolf before losing his arm to the fierce beast. In the chaos, Izek and his favorite brother, Syrren, ran in different directions and were lost. Izek found himself wandering for centuries in the forest where he took refuge. When he finally emerged from the forest, distraught and disheveled, Vargas (who was much younger then) found him and took him as family. It was Vargas who gave him the vicious claw arm.

As Syrren and Izek continue to bond, he asks Izek to help them rid the windmill of the hags they previously fought. Because of his sworn oath to never leave his brother again, Izek agrees. Izek becomes overwhelmed with emotion as he speaks of their mother and her love for Syrren. He is unable to hold back the full force of his tears when he recognizes the necklace that Syrren pulls from his pocket as one that their mother placed around Syrren’s neck the night they were separated.

After the awkward display of vulnerability, Izek hurriedly rises to head to the Reformation Center and dole out more of the Baron’s punishments. Syrren reminds him that less severe punishments might encourage better behavior on the part of the citizens of Valaki. He relents, though he still argues that those who violate the rules should be taught a lesson. He also offers a word of warning to the group about Victor and the dark powers he gained from the study of arcane texts. He leaves with a promise to join them on the quest to eliminate the hags.

All is NOT Well


As they continue exploring, they come upon the Baron’s study. He stands behind his desk reading a book, flanked on either side by two giant, black Mastiffs. Tilly opens her mouth and puts a foot DIRECTLY in it when she dismisses the Baron’s request for the heroes to publicly endorse him at the festival. Instead of getting them excused from having to be his puppets, she is forced into performing at the festival, under the threat of being taken to the stocks! The Baron, refusing to argue about the matter, shoves them out of the room. He reminds them, again, not to enter any rooms with locked doors.

The next open room offers little more that a couple of creepy mannequins, a wardrobe, and a lead-lined window. Through the window, they glimpse Izek, ordering around prisoners and overseeing punishments.

Next, the group is able to gain access to the attic through a small door on the third floor. The narrow staircase leads them to a large, dusty room full of discarded things covered in cobwebs. They continue to explore until they come upon an imposing door with a large knocker. The door is bolted and heavily reinforced with a sign that reads “All is not well.”

Door to Victor’s Room

Their knock is met with a loud male voice that shouts, “Go away!” The voice is Victor Vargas. Thaldir tries to convince him to open the door to no avail, even when he offers young Victor a chance to meet the lovely Ireena (with apologies to his irritated traveling companion). Victor says he only wants one woman: the lovely Stella. When Thaldir tells him they are here to learn more about his love story, he opens the door.

Tilly immediately begins to try and win the angry teen over, promising that she and her friends will try and help bring the two back together. Victor resists. Finally, Tilly, fed up with his disrespect, threatens to smack him across the mouth. He grudgingly agrees to tell them about his lady love.

The Ballad of Victor and Stella

Victor Vallokovich

According to Victor, he and Lady Watcher’s beautiful daughter Stella fell madly in love. They planned to leave the town of Valaki, but, Stella, who is obviously under some magical spell, thinks she is a cat. Victor has made it his sole purpose to find a way to magically free Stella from her feline thoughts. He hopes to teleport over to Lady Watcher’s house so he can take Stella far away.

Term takes over negotiating with the difficult young man. He displays his teleportation skills to peak Victor’s interest, but Victor is still not convinced. Term continues to wear him down until Victor agrees that going out in disguise and sneaking over to Stella’s house is a better plan than anyone else has offered.

As Victor shares more of his twisted love story, the group learns that he was the one who cast the spell that caused Stella to think she was a cat. Term offers his assistance in finding the answer, and Jaylin offers Victor a free spell book.

They take their leave of Victor and as the smell of a freshly prepared feast wafts up the stairs.

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