Session 7 Madam Eva’s Reading


Last time we left our heroes near the River Ivlis Bridge getting ready to explore the river banks to search for the bundles Bildrath asked them to find.


Arahja, Rina, Eliza Ig’ar, Simione Ig’ar, Madam Eva.


Get Arabelle a Name Day Present from Aunt Eliza; Find Items to Defeat Strahd; Find Strahd – The Broken One (see end of notes)


The heroes finally come across the bodies of several people and as they move closer a group of Ankheg’s attack them. Syrren looks extreemly angry and casts entangle on the area around the Ankheg’s. The ankheg’s spew venom and hit both Thaldir and Aydin. Jaylin throws a massive firebolt which critically hits one of the Ankheg and beams with joy as he watches the fire burn a mark into it.

This distracts Term as he uses his lightning launcher and misses the ankheg. The ankheg after being hit so hard with the firebolt spits a stream of acid at Jaylin which hits him and leaves a mark. This causes Aydin to go into a rage and he swings his longsword hitting the ankheg while Thaldir hits it with his spirital weapon.

Next, Syrren thows up a spike growth which kills one of the ankheg. Tilly casts dissonant whipsers which infects one of the remaining ankhegs. Jaylin continues throwing his fire bolts hitting the creatures, causing them to real in pain and Term shoots his lightning launcher hitting another one. One of the ankheg’s tries to move, but Syrren’s spike’s kill it before it moves too far.

Aydin throws his spear at one of the two remaining creature hitting it critically, causing it to try to flee, which in turn causes the spikes that Syrren had cast to finish it off. Then Syrren throws his own fire bolt at the last ankheg which hits it so hard, it collapses in a heap of smoldering ruin.


After the battle with the ankheg’s the party finds a variety of things including a rusty longsword and a wizard’s spellbook. They also find the bundles that Bildrath was looking for and give them to Parriwimple. They then ask him to give them 20 gold since they aren’t sure if they will get to return to the Village of Barovia anytime soon. He agrees and gives them the coin and departs back to his uncle at Bildrath’s Merchantile.

While searching Syrren is very troubled as this was a group he had travelled with. He finds a letter on one of the bodies that seemed to lure them to this spot and their death.

Thaldir then cures wounds on Jaylin and they then head back to the River Ivlis bridge and cross it continuing their journey on the Svalich Road.


Term took time to heal Jaylyn (restoring him to his former good looks)
While Aydin felt he would be fine without healing
Periwinkle came to claim the bundle for his uncle
Instead of the “discount” of 20 gold pieces, Tilly asked if we could have the gold instead, so @JournalEntry[zUFc60hU5L5cLGbn]{Parriwimple} gave us the 20 gold pieces, which Tilly added to our loot.
We continued on our way while he returned to Barovia
Syrren had made 10 goodberries, which he shared with us (each person got one); Aydin ate his


As the group walked the Svalich road, they came across a pack of wolves and a few dire wolves. Ireena helped our heroes out and Syrren’s spike growth did a lot of work to kill the wolves off. Jaylin’s magical fire bolts seared the wolves and Aydin sword beheaded one. Tilly’s dagger helped and Term’s lightning launcher felled the final beast.

COMBAT: Just then, the group came upon a pack Dire of wolves who attacked us:
–Irena added her aide to the warriors to give them advantage over these beasts
–Syrren’s cloud of spikes was a grave opponent for the hungry wolves
–Jaylyn set fire to the beasts to see them writhe and pass out from the pain
–Aydin’s sword swung true, landing the death blow to one wolf after another
–Thaldir stood bravely in the face of these furry foes
–Tilly’s crossbow bolts missed the mark, but her dagger was sharp and fast
–Term brought the lightning and felled the final beast

POST COMBAT: The group notices a lute (which Term uses Mage hand to give to Tilly); Syrren explores the body and finds a pouch (42 copper 213 gold pieces); Thaldir is excited to find a drinking horn; there is a blood soaked tarokka card;and there is sitting on a log is one of Granny’s pies which the wolves suspiciously had bypassed – Syrren decided to keep it

Syrren sent a psychic message to the animals to feed on/dispatch the bodies of his former traveling companions (reason unknown)


They come upon an old wooden gallows that creaks in a chill wind. There is a frayed length of rope on the gallows which dances in the wind. They see a signpost which splits the road. The sign points them in three directions. Barovia village to the east, Tser Pool to the northwest, and Ravenloft/Vallaki to the southwest.

The group remembers the mortu sisters at the tavern telling them that Madam Eva was at Tser Pool so they decided to travel on the northwest road.

As they began to walk, Term seemed to hear something and turned around. He swore that he could see a lifeless, gray body, that was hanging…. its eyes fixed on him but that the body was actually his own. He shook it off and they continued walking towards Tser Pool.

Syrren suggested that they stick with the edge of the forest road after Term’s strange encounter.


They finally come upon a small lake with tents and wagons around. There are 8 horses, people singing and a bonfire.

The group meets Arahja and Rina who brings them food and drink. Arahja mentions that the woods are dangerous and to not travel into the mists of the forests. They talk and he tells them there are 15 of them total at the camp including Madam Eva who is expecting them.

Arahja beckons a little boy named Simione over who goes to check to see if Madam Eva can see them. He returns and says they have to wait until the moon is up over the trees but to make themselves comfortable. Simione asks Arahja if there will be dancing later and Arahja smiles saying of course! The boy beams and runs off to his wagon.

The group eat and drink learning that the Vistani are mostly travelers. Thaldir tells Arahja that they know Stanimir after Arahja asks Syrren if he knows Stanimir. Arahja tells the party about the purge of dusk elves by Strahd long ago and that the only ones who remain are now in the encampment outside of Vallaki. The women seduced and angered Strahd after their people had a war with Strahd’s father who was king. Syrren seems troubled with how the story is being told but keeps it to himself and won’t share further despite the other’s pleadings.

Arahja asks the group to leave their weapons behind when they see Madam Eva and Syrren asks if he can lay his inside the tent which Arahja permits. Eliza then comes to tell them a story. She is a lovely woman with a magpie on her shoulder and wears a red sash.


Syrren will only tell us that the remaining dusk elves stay hidden
Syrren takes issue with how the story is being told, but he won’t share despite the others’ pleadings


“A mighty wizard came to this land over a year ago. I remember him like it was yesterday. He stood exactly where you’re standing. A very charismatic man, he was. He thought he could rally the people of Barovia against the devil Strahd. He stirred them with thoughts of revolt and bore them to the castle en masse. When the vampire appeared, the wizard’s peasant army fled in terror. A few stood their ground and were never seen again.”

“The wizard and the vampire cast spells at each other. Their battle flew from the courtyards of Ravenloft to a precipice overlooking the falls. I saw the battle with my own eyes.”

“Thunder shook the mountainside, and great rocks tumbled down upon the wizard, yet by his magic he survived. Lightning from the heavens struck the wizard, and again he stood his ground. But when the devil Strahd fell upon him, the wizard’s magic couldn’t save him. I saw him thrown a thousand feet to his death. I climbed down to the river to search for the wizard’s body, to see if, you know, he had anything of value, but the River Ivlis had already spirited him away.”


After the story, Rina asks them about where they come from and is curious about their hometowns. Syrren says his people live in the trees and keep watch on the forest; Thaldir tells about his people battling giants in Mithral Hall; Both Tilly and Jaylyn are from Waterdeep but didn’t know each other; Term is from a small town where he had a run-in with fairies and devoted his life to studying magic.

Arahja asks where they are heading next and asks how he can help them. Ireena says they are going to Vallaki and Arahja offers to make them a map.


Asked Eliza about what happened in the story – When Eliza went to look for him, his body was not there; she has heard rumors that he is still alive, but she doesn’t know where


When it’s finally time to meet Madam Eva, the group enters the colorful tent; she addresses each by name as they enter enter:

“I see you and welcome you to my tent Aydin Apollyon. Barbarian from Gillian’s Hill. The one who has died and has come back. Seeker of immortality, seeker of the amulet. Come and sit at my table.”

“I welcome you Thaldir Yorgenson of Mithral Hall. Mighty cleric of Clangeddin. Blessed by his god with a personal visit. The cleric who was given a holy vision of a fallen angel. Come and sit. You have my condolences on the loss of your brother Straldir.”

“Hail to you good Term Vavde of Julkoun. The curious one who ventured into a ring of mushrooms and met a group of fairies. The one who awoke with a vine that moves in his skin. Come and sit at my table.”

“Hello my dear Clotilda Quenya of Waterdeep. The one who escaped a troll and friend of the lost Xander. Come and sit at my table.”

“Ah. I have been awaiting you Jaylyn Cloudgloom of Waterdeep. Great wizard of fire and flame. Keeper of his mother’s necklace who is haunted by dreams and memories. Come and sit at my table.”

“And finally you good Syrren Dark. Great druid of these lands. Saved by the wood elves, but always feeling like you didn’t belong. The one with unusual markings even for a dusk elf. Come and sit at my table.”

“At last it is time.” she says, a mad laughter erupts from her withered lips. She looks at each of you with a mysterious smile.

She then asks if they have questions, to which Thaldir asks why they have been called. She tells him she believes that they have the power to defeat Strahd. Term says he is not suprised.

Madam Eva then calls out the loss of trust when the realized that Strahd had replaced Straldir and talks about the groups need to rebuild trust in each other and those around. She then pulled out her Tarokka cards and told the group they need to make a choice.

She then presents the group with a dilemma: One path guides you as a group while the other path focuses on you as an individual. If you choose the group path, the Threads of Fate will provide me with a strong reading for the group making it easier for you to discern their meaning, but the individual reading will be done in front of the group, and will not be as clear. Everyone will know your secrets. If you choose the individual path, the reading will be clearer for you personally, which I will do for you later tonight, one at a time, but the group reading will become more vague.**

The group decided to take the group path and hear their individual readings as a group – each individual was asked a question that only he or she could answer (about their card)


removes 14 cards, shuffles the remaining cards, places her hand over the larger stack; slowly she draws three cards from the top of the deck; draws two from the smaller deck

the card that tells of the past – tells us where to find the Tome of Strahd – image of a creature holding a mirror that obscures its face (The Illusionist – comes in a carnival wagon that has what we seek inside)

the present – a holy symbol of great hope – a woman in armor who is holding out something to us – treasure lies in a dragon’s house (hands were once clean, but are now corrupted)

tells of justice – fraternal radiance, weapon of sunlight – the dictator (figure tied to a stake and surrounded by flames and swords) – begin the search in an amber palace of darkness

candle in the devil’s darkness – their fate entwines with ours – queen of glyphs (Seer) – dusk elf living among the Vistani

enemy is a creature of darkness, whose powers are beyond darkness – this card will lead us to him – Broken One (reflection of a creature in a shattered glass, crying out in agony)

the sound outside returns, and we feel ourselves breathe again


Find the following items to help us defeat Strahd

  • Holy Symbol of Great Hope
  • Tome of Strahd
  • Weapon of Sunlight
  • Dusk Elf living among the Vistani
  • Find Strahd using the card we received from Madam Eva – The Broken One


  • Tilly asks which to seek first – says the symbol of great hope will help us to know/understand Strahd
  • doesn’t know much about the dragon
  • Tilly asks Syrren if he knows
  • Syrren says he has a vision for Madam Eva of a Dust Elf sharing a bottle of wine with Madam Eva
  • Aydin asked about seeing this person he seeks again – Madam Eva says that this person is waiting in the tomb of amber; says this is the person of many lives
  • Tilly asks if we can trust Araja and company – Madam Eva says to be cautious about where we speak about the cards and take good care of the items; Strahd has been watching us, and she doesn’t know how
  • Aydin asks if Madam Eva has anything that will help us to find the items; she suggests that we use a bag of holding or other magical item that conceals these things; and we should make sure we are alone when reading the tome
  • Aydin also asks about the pies from granny – Syrren pulls one out and gives it to her; she says it smells delicious
  • Tilly asked about the sightings of corpses at the gallows – Madam Eva wants us to beware of what can happen – gives a vision of their death for you to share as a warning for us to see what may happen
  • Thaldir asks if Strahd is a stoic man – Madam Eva says he is a strange one
  • Tilly asks if the gifts are given with good intentions, even though he wants us dead – Madam Eva believes that he likes to toy with people, has different ways of manipulating people, wants to test us to see if we can defeat him, doesn’t want an easy fight
  • Tilly asks what our greatest strength is – Madam Eva says our greatest strength is working together
  • Tilly also asks for a blessing or direction of some kind – Madam Eva says to trust the cards and to use those. they are tied to us individually
  • Thaldir asks about the fallen angel again – Madam Eva says the fallen one has offended god; he is in a damned place and we must free him
  • Implores us to speak openly about our pasts, hold no secrets, discover the things that bind us


Eliza the storyteller approaches us as we leave the tent, and asks if we met with Madam Eva and had our complete reading; she asks a question of us – says her niece’s name day is approaching and would like to send a gift to her in the encampment outside of Vallaki (Arabelle is her name – get the gift at Blinksy’s Toy Store; will give us 30 gold pieces to buy her something; we should seek out her brother Luvash
Araja says we should double back and take a safer road to Vallaki – which will take us two days


After a long day and a very interesting visit with Madam Eva. The group decides to turn in for the evening.

We end our session here as the group goes to sleep.

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