Session 8 The Witches Three


When we begin our adventure, our band of wanderers are still at camp, awakening from a night of fitful slumber. They are still contemplating the events of the night before and the cryptic Tarokka reading of Madam Eva.

They awake to find a wonderful gift from Arahja – a map he drew himself.

For his amazing tale of an Orc who found his “flavor” and claim-to-fame in the spray of a captured skunk, Syrren Dark received the gift of an Immovable Rod from the Vistani.

Thaldir took his turn at a story of an axe, commissioned by his father, that he crafted as an intended gift for future generations. It was a sad tale of a father’s disappointment and a son’s feelings of inadequacy

Then Tilly took the stage and wove a tail of a gifted child who only found her powerful voice in the face of great peril. Unfortunately, the discovery of her gift cost her the family and village she loved, as well as destroying her enemies. She awoke in a castle owned by a kind and powerful sorcerer, but she fled because her guilt was too great to enjoy a life of luxury or comfort.

Captivated by their stories, Iosif, the “Black Jesus” of the Vistani, joins the group to hear more of their tales. He speaks of his son, Simione, and his wife (much to the chagrin of Tilly), Eliza. Iosif knows much of the Vistani – far and wide – and he affirms that the Dusk Elf the group is seeking as an ally is Stanimir.

The party members take turns asking the fair Iosif for his insight into each of their cards. While the group cards don’t look familiar, he does recognize Tilly’s card, with the image of the DonJon, as connected to the Drowned Village. In the Drowned Village, there were many Barovians who perished when Strahd flooded the streets. Not a single person was spared. The marshy graves of the lost Barovians are now inhabited by witches, it is said. But, that is for another time…

For his new friends, Iosif offers a water skin and a wine bottle. It’s Purple Grape Mash (dark green bottle) from the Wizard of Wines. (The wine they were drinking last night was Red Dragon Crush – brown bottle, but the best is the Champagne – in a dark bottle) The Vie de Martyr comes in an oak bottle with no label, and the Vistani would pay handsomely for that.

Before the group departs, Eliza gives them a few loaves of bread. In return, Syrren gives Eliza a butter skull.

From the Vistani, the group picked up several items in exchange for their amazing stories. The Ugly Boots are impervious to water damage and weather. If you die, a Barovian peasant will be glad to take them off your corpse. The dead herring allows Jalyn to summon a fish that swims through the air like water. While wearing her lilac (leather) doublet, she can use a bonus action to make it sparkle.


The group backtracks to where the roads meet and Term, once again, sees his corpse on the gallows. Tilly tries to probe his trouble expression, but he insists the vision he sees isn’t real. They head down the SW road.


Syrren reveals that the adventuring party they found last time they came through were actually a party he had traveled with. He shares that he is from Barovia, and, per the visions of Madam Eva, he returned to see what happened to his family. The members of this party followed Syrren after he left in the middle of the night, and it cost them their lives. Tilly pops open the wine and suggests that they drink a toast to their lost friends and their newfound allegiance.

The wine affected them in strange ways. They all felt sturdy (added 6 temp HP), but also felt strange for one hour (disadvantage on all saving throws & attack rolls). Only Term is not affected. Tilly pulls a raven from her pack and begins to talk to him. She introduces him as her Uncle Mortimer. He flies ahead of them, returning periodically to rest on Aydin’s head.

As they walk, they see a light in the bushes. Though Syrren is tempted to follow, they travel on until they come to a mossy bridge.


As they investigate, they discover that it is sturdy, but the Gargoyle statues concern them greatly. It seems their concerns were unwarranted, as they pass without issue.

Syrren whips up a batch of Goodberries, which cause traumatic and haunting memories for the group. Dark visions of a village with dead elves everywhere haunt their waking thoughts…but whose visions are these?


Next, they come upon a black carriage pointing East (toward Castle Ravenloft). As the group attempts to pass, Uncle Mortimer perches on the open door of the carriage, peering inside. Suddenly, the dark, scarred face of a elven man appears. He offers to take Ireena to “safety” at Castle Ravenloft. Syrren declines and they continue. Just as they pass by the familiar gate, fog billows out and the gate swings open. The continue on..


They are approached by a Vistani man on horseback named Arrigal, who is traveling to visit the camp outside of Vallaki. He is also headed to the name day celebration for his niece. He can’t slow to travel with them, but suggests that they go to a windmill for camp nearby.


Thaldir, who recently acquired the deed to a windmill, examines his paperwork more closely. They all agree that camping outside is not the best option (though Syrren has heard that manticores often inhabit old windmills). The smell of baking bread is wafting from the windows. They knock on the door, and an old woman opens, offering pie. She tells the party that her name is Offalia, and she lives there with her sister and mother.


After some conversation, Syrren offers five GP for lodging for the night. They enter the windmill and find themselves in a great room with a large brick oven. Offalia cautions us that she will be busy making pies all night, and that no one should go upstairs and disturb her sister while she makes the pies.

This seems strange, so, just to be safe, Syrren and Thaldir stay up to keep watch. When Granny returns, she recognizes the travelers but is very upset that they have guests. She takes Offalia outside to have a chat. Tilly and Term wake up to the commotion, and Tilly tries to sneak a listen to their conversation. Both of them are told to go back to sleep by Granny. Term tries to stealthily listen to what is happening, but he is caught by Granny.

Granny and Offalia come in with a sack containing something that is obviously still alive. The adventurers are afraid that the “meat” might just be people! As the sisters head upstairs, Syrren moves closer to the steps to see if he can hear what’s happening. Now there are three chattering voices, but he can only make out the words “Get them out!” He continues to move up the stairs and notices bones that he’s certain are human.

As the party wakes up to the reality of what Syrren observed, the three women descend the stairs. As the party confronts them, Tilly sends a message to Syrren, warning that the women are dangerous night hags. Granny’s expression is pleasant, but her voice grows colder. “I think you all should leave!” she says. With that, Syrren places her and the two other women in his trap of spike growths. Combat ensues, and our heroes entered the fight of their lives.


Almost immediately, Granny turns Syrren into a frog. Tilly ends up cursed and unable to land her attacks with much success. As the battle continues, the party is starting to lose hope. Then Term lands the first bit of damage to any of the evil hags. In the midst of attacking them, he tries to discern whether they are carrying magic items that hold the secret to their power. Though Term and Ireena continue to look for their secrets, the team continues to struggle. Syrren is able to restore the spike growths, but the battle rages on, with the odds not EVER in our favor.

Ireena lends Tilly a hand, and Tilly finally sinks her dagger into Bella. Term sends a missile that gives some hope that the tide will turn. What will our heroes do?

Things look bleak. Term, Ireena, and Thaldir were put to sleep by Granny’s magic, and it seemed that all was certainly lost. Though the ones who were still standing resigned themselves to going out as warriors, even as they continued to hurl damaging spells at Bella. Facing the worst possible scenario – the dreaded TOTAL PARTY KILL – our would-be saviors pressed on.

Suddenly, the witch Bella disappears from view. Her final words: “I’m sorry, Mother.”

As Bella disappears into the ethereal plane, the windows burst open and a conspiracy of ravens enter the room. They descend on the remaining witches, pecking and scratching at their faces. Granny and Offalia scream and howl in frenzied horror, as the party members took this chance to awaken their fallen compatriots and flee the windmill with their lives.

It’s 2am, and, battle-weary and disillusioned, they run ahead to what awaits them next.

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