Siguiya: The Treasure Revealers

Siguiya: The Treasure Revealers

“In the age of my grandmother’s grandmother, it is said that there were those who knew of ancient treasures,” begins Siguiya’s story.

Your party finally met Siguiya after getting lost in the southern-most jungles of Theramour. Lost and wandering in dangerous and unknown terrain, you stumbled upon an old wooden shack, nearly choked off from vines, and creepers.

The worn and weathered hut appeared to be a place to get out of the jungle briefly, rest, and protect yourself from the unknown creatures that you know had been pursuing you for the past two days.

When you entered, both you and Siguiya were startled by each other’s presence: you were expecting an abandoned shack, and she was not expecting visitors.

After a meal that Siguiya described as stew, but you thought tasted of old swamp water and ancient roots, she began her story of the Treasure Revealers.

“Deep in the jungles just beyond the reaches of Theramour to the west of here, the treasure revealers keep themselves away from the rest of the prying eyes of humanity.”

Your party leans in at the prospects of treasure.

“My grandmother’s mother told my mother who told me of the treasure revealers, and treasures untold. Only they know the treasure’s location.”

“But their time on this world is drawing to a close, and when they are lost, so too is the location of the treasure. “

“The treasure revealers are not difficult to find, but the way is full of danger. The skinwalkers of legend have grown stronger and more numerous. They haunt the jungles and seek prey to kill and make into their own kind.”

When prompted by you, Siguiya warns the party, “Only the strongest magic will keep the skinwalkers at bay, and only stronger magic yet will defeat them. Although the skinwalkers are often spoken of in children’s stories late at night, I assure you they are real.”

“The skinwalkers are cowardly. They will follow you and track you relentlessly until they know they can defeat you in the dark of night.”

“Be ever mindful of them,” Siguiya ends her story, “they are an ever-increasing danger. My fear is that when the treasure revealers disappear, the treasure will not only be lost, but the skinwalkers will finally roam free and Theramour will no longer be safe.”

Just as the party thinks Siguiya has finished speaking, she looks up and whispers, “There may be hope in the treasure.”

“There are stories that the skinwalkers fear something hidden deep in the treasures that has the power to destroy them.”

“This, I believe, is what the treasurer revealers wish to remain a secret out of fear that all could be lost if it falls into the wrong hands.”

And so Siguiya’s story ends, and your party’s adventure begins.

This is Siguiya, The Treasure Revealers

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