Terror at Weihnachten

Terror at Weihnachten

This adventure begins on 5 December, Krampus night. The party has been traveling for days from White Plume Mountain to Theramour and they fear they are lost.

Winter seems to have fallen fast within the past twenty-four hours, and the party is cold, wet and tired. They had hoped to have been home to their families at least a week ago.

The path they follow narrows and grows faint in the twilight of the woods.

The night is cloudy, and the ground warm enough that a cold fog drifts up, soaking the party further. In the early evening hours, they notice a pale-yellow light ahead in the distance.

As they approach, the party comes upon a woman is sitting alone in the deep, dark shadows of a porch that extends the length of a long, narrow wooden Inn. She looks up and greets you.

“Welcome weary travelers to the Weihnachten Inn. Come inside and rest your weary feet. I have food inside and warm beds. It isn’t safe in these woods at night, for Krampus and his minions roam these woods…”

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