Teufel’s Manor

Teufel’s Manor

Mighty barbarian, wise cleric, intelligent sorcerer, you have experienced it all, lived to tell your tales around the campfire deep into the dark of night. Could there be anything more dangerous and deadly than you have encountered? I doubt it. Certainly, you doubt it.

Adventure is in your soul, it’s who you are, and nothing will ever change that—not even certain death at the hand of evil. Of course not, or you wouldn’t be here, returning from your latest adventures across the great lands of Legendaria.

When you learn soon of Teufel’s Manor, the details may seem a little different from past experiences, but the demons you’ll have to either slay or banish seem, well, easy enough. You could even choose to just move on and leave the local peasants and farmers to deal with their demons themselves. You are, after all, simply passing through.

You could, but there could be something in the deep, solitary ringing of the bell that hangs in the tower of Teufel Manor that doesn’t beckon, as much as it resonates deeply in your soul, and compels you to action. Or it could have been something in the Innkeeper Yavo’s eyes: the visceral fear, the sense that this is not just a fight for the local peasants and farmers.

No, the tolling of the bell at Teufel Manor may portend a larger threat to Legendaria and the kingdom of Theramour. You fear that once the door to evil has been opened in the old Manor on the hill, there may be no way to close it, and demons may walk the land freely.

Besides if not you, brave adventurers, who else might stand in the way of the demons that lurk in Teufel Manor?

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